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Alex Deacon’s Monday Morning QB: Whats Next? I Just Approved An Applicant For My Rental

DHREA 26/03/2018


Once we go through the applicant approval process, we require that the applicant get to us a security deposit in full. We don’t take partial payments. If they can’t even come up with the deposit in full now, then what is the likelihood they will be late on paying rent if their finances are running that tight?

The deposit has to be a certified check or a money order. This way it’s much less likely those funds will not be there when you deposit them. We try not to accept cash and never a personal check, or at least only on rare occasions. We let each applicant know that once we get the deposit, it will not be refunded if for some reason they back out of the rental. We clearly state that in the application.

It’s not fair to us or our clients that a tenant decides one week before moving in that they are getting relocated, or the couple is breaking up, or their grandmother is sick…we have heard every excuse. We have lost valuable market time and it has cost us money by holding the apartment. We will refund a deposit if it’s only been a few days (or maybe even as long as a week) because lets be real: you have to be somewhat reasonable or we may keep part of the deposit. Hope this is helpful to all! 




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Alex Deacon’s Property Management Series: Finding New Tenants

DHREA 01/03/2018


“The Deacon of Real Estate” continues his Property Management series on Real Estate Investing w/ Alex Deacon. In this episode, The Deacon discusses the most efficient and safest way to find and select new tenants. Alex walks you through the steps to help you find the most profitable and pain-free transition of tenants.

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The Deacon Of Real Estate: Frozen Pipes, Frozen Profits

DHREA 09/01/2018


In this episode of The Deacon of Real Estate Podcast, “The Deacon” Alex Deacon discusses the importance of understanding and maintaining plumbing in ALL of your properties, and how knowledge and preparedness can save you thousands of dollars!

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The Deacon Of Real Estate: Pros And Cons When Renting To Pet Owners

DHREA 28/12/2017


In this informative short, “The Deacon of Real Estate” Alex Deacon delivers the pros and cons to renting to lovable pet owners! We can all agree pets can be the most adorable addition to a family, but any landlord also understands the slight inconveniences when renting a property to a pet owner. So, the question remains, “is the juice worth the squeeze”? While the answer is always “personal preference”, The Deacon give his take on why it is a good or bad idea to rent to pet owners!

This audio short is presented by Deacon Hoover Real Estate Advisors. For all episdoes, full length informative broadcasts, and other questions, visit dhrea.com/learn!


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