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MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! DHRE is expanding! Details below!

DHREA 04/04/2019

Deacon & Hoover Real Estate Advisors have come to an agreement to merge with the Shiring Agency out of Murrysville, PA, and will be opening the 2nd location as soon as their application is approved by the state! This move will give the DHRE brand a strong presence in the east suburbs of Pittsburgh, and the company will now have two offices and approaching 30 agents in the span of just 18 months.

If you or anyone you know would like to learn about a career in Real Estate please visit dhrea.com/careers!

DHRE was founded in September of 2017 by Alex Deacon & Ian Hoover, two top producing agents who wanted to make a difference in the industry.

Alex Deacon’s next Real Estate Investing Workshop is Saturday, April 13th! We’ll be discussing “Financial Freedom in Simple, Easy Steps” with special guest speaker Kathi Stoddard. Seating is limited, so reserve your seat in the room today! Click below!

Financial Freedom reached in simple easy steps

Saturday, Apr 13, 2019, 10:00 AM

Hampton Inn Bridgeville
150 Old Pond Rd Bridgeville, pa

19 Members Attending

The workshop will be revolving around the long term step by step plan to ensure financial freedom through real estate investing. Most of our focus this month will be on the master plan to start today with a long term buy and hold business plan and setting yourself up to ensure success. Its a very simple and easy plan to implement but it does take t…

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Join Alex Deacon’s Pittsburgh Landlord Group and be the first to receive updates on our monthly networking meetings!

Pittsburgh Landlord Group

Carnegie, PA
129 Members

This is a great venue for Real estate investors, real estate agents and property managers to expand your knowledge and to help others in the field of being a landlord. We will…

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MACE Property Management: www.PittsburghPropertyManagement.com

Tara Mortgage Services, LLC: www.Tara-MTG.net

HDH Settlement Services, LLC: www.HDHTitle.com

Burkhead Insurance Services: Burkhead.Insure

Bin There Dump That: www.PittsburghDumpsterRental.com

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Tiny Homes: Hip Helps The Homeless

DHREA 07/03/2018

The tiny house trend began two decades ago as a social movement espousing radical simplicity by people who wanted to downsize their physical space, lower their debt, and minimize their environmental footprint. On the other hand, some would say the tiny house trend was nothing more than that…a passing hipster trend.

Two decades later, the mindset has changed. Operating on the premise that housing is a right not a privilege, tiny house villages and encampment projects are now part of a burgeoning campaign in cities and townships across the country to help provide shelter for America’s growing homeless population, a membership that includes not just people suffering from mental illness and addiction, but also displaced under and unemployed individuals, families with children, teenagers, the elderly and military veterans.

Here’s a not-so-fun fact that will make your eye twitch: Millions of Americans are just one paycheck away from being homeless. We apologize for playing the role of Debbie Downer.

But according to the December 2017 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) annual report, the number of Americans without a safe and consistent place to dwell grew for the first time in seven years to nearly 554,000 people, 40,000 of whom are military veterans, numbers that are up 1 percent from 2016. However, the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty says HUD’s figures underestimate the numbers, suggesting that more than 3.5 million people, including as many as 1.35 million children, are homeless or under-sheltered each year in America. And the National Alliance to End Homelessness estimates that the U.S. needs as many as 7 million more affordable living spaces to meet its current homeless and low-income needs.

While the nation’s overall homeless population decreased by around 83,000 since 2010, at least 10 west coast cities have declared states of emergency since 2015 due to an explosion of homelessness. The main surge in the numbers of un-housed people is driven by cities in Washington, Oregon and California.

Since people helping people is what it’s all about, the tiny house movement for the homeless is currently supported mainly by private donors, individuals, GoFundMe initiatives, non-profit organizations, charities, faith-based entities and organizations like the Low Income Housing Institute, all operating and building tiny shelters with mostly volunteer workforces.

Safe, insulated, private structures range in size from 8-by-12 foot (2.4-by-3.6 meters) spaces costing $2,500 per unit to build, to 16-by-20 foot (4.9-by-6.0 meters) spaces costing $10,000 per unit, to as large as 300-square-foot (91 meters) spaces costing $28,000 per unit. The micro-community approach to housing the unsheltered is beginning to take off, not just in the Pacific Northwest where the movement began and the need is greatest, but also in cities in Texas, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia and New York, and in 10 tiny house villages for the homeless across the U.S.

Some models have individual restrooms, showers and kitchenettes. Others have communal kitchens and bath houses. Still others have green spaces for community gardens. Each village is unique. Some are free and some require a small rental fee. But most are meant as transitional living quarters until people can get back on their feet. Because we all know in our heart of hearts, no matter how tiny, there’s no place like home.


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