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Real Estate Investing w/ Alex Deacon: The Best Time Of The Year To Buy Real Estate

DHREA 01/11/2018


In his latest segment, “The Deacon of Real Estate” Alex Deacon discusses the best time of the year to buy real estate! Everyone has an opinion, but what do the numbers say? Does your market’s inclement weather or busy summers affect the supply and demand? Alex breaks down those questions, and much, much more!



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Virtual Bus Tour of Current and past rehabs

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We have done a few actual bus tours in the past but with the strong turnout I dont like to have to turn down folks due to the high volume of requests. Our next workshop in November we will do a virtual tour of some current and past projects and show you where to spend your money wisely and where you can and cant cut corners in order to stay profita…

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DHRE DIY CORNER: It’s Never Too Early To Prepare For Fall

DHREA 20/08/2018

Japanese Maple Leaves


With spring cleaning far behind, and summer fun all but over, it’s time to start fall home maintenance and prepare for the autumn wind.  Fall is the perfect time to perform important maintenance to your home so you’re not caught in the middle of winter with a drafty house or a malfunctioning heater. Here’s some tips to help your home stay warm and comfortable into winter.


1. Chimney and Fireplace

Chimneys and fireplaces cause some of the most expensive damage to homes. Build-up from creosote can easily ignite, causing a devastating fire. If you are unfamiliar with inspecting a chimney, it may be worth calling in a chimney sweep, which is usually quite affordable. Make sure to leave your flu closed when not in use, and always have a fireplace screen in front of open flames to protect your home from wayward sparks.

2. Windows

Windows may be a continual source of frustration for homeowners. There are many seal repair kits available at local hardware stores. Walk around the interior windows, placing your hand near the seal. Check for any breezes flowing through. Do the same process for doors. When you find one, mark it with a sticker or other indicator so you can tally how many repair kits you need. If a window is improperly sized, cracked, or broken, it needs to be replaced.For doors, you can purchase draft preventers and other seal kits to improve the seal. Every 1/8 of an inch can lower a room a whole degree, so it can really pay off to have updated, well-sealed doors and windows.

3. Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers, and First Aid Kits

Every six months, replace batteries in all the detectors in your home. Check the expiration dates on your first aid kit and fire extinguisher, and that each is up to date and in a convenient place. If you don’t have a fire escape route, this is a good time to draft one. (I know, I know…but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 🙂 )

4. Indoor Pipes

Winterizing pipes is one of the easiest, most valuable ways to protect your home over the winter. Most home repair stores carry fitted insulation that can easily wrap around any size pipe. If you can’t afford to do every pipe in your home, give priority to the pipes that are closest to the outdoors, or most likely to freeze. It’s also a good idea to shut off water to any area that won’t be used, and to check pipes for leaks or cracks that may grow larger with the varying temperatures of fall.

5. Yard Maintenance

Fall leaves may be beautiful, but these can slowly rot, causing huge backup and damage in gutters. This backup will cause water to spill over the gutter and into your yard and walking areas, which can cause damage to your home and make walking conditions dangerous. Disconnect all garden hoses, and store them coiled and flat in a cool, dry place. If possible, turn of water to all outside faucets and drain them to protect the outside pipes from damage. Also, store any outdoor furniture that may become damaged from snow or ice.

6. Roof Inspection

A roof inspection may seem overkill, but harsh winter winds and heavy snow can take a toll on your home. It may be a good idea go up to your rooftop to check for any broken tiles or cracks. It’s important to take care of any damage now to avoid repairs during the cold winter months.

7. Stock Up on Winter Supplies for Your Home

Before prices on winter gear soars, stock up on winter items such as snow shovels, firewood, or sidewalk salt. It’s better to have the supplies now than to have to run to the store during a snowstorm!These fall home maintenance tips are quick, easy, and affordable. It might be a good idea to brush up on home repair insurance coverage as you’re making improvements and renovations. As the adage says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…especially when it comes to home repairs.


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Millennials: Your Most Valuable Buyer

DHREA 08/01/2018


Selling homes isn’t the game it used to be. Real estate has evolved to involve a lot more than signs in yards and ads in newspapers to bring potential buyers in these days. Social media and so many home improvement shows and outlets (HGTV, anyone?) have been broadening the interest in real estate and homebuying, and the proof is finally in the pudding. The top group of home buyers in the country seems to be the group that’s most comforable with social media, YouTube shorts, podcasts, etc. Who would’ve thought you largest group of homebuyers currently is…

Surprise! It’s millennials!

Throw out the mindset millennials aren’t buying. THEY ARE! For the fourth year in a row, millennials are the largest group of buyers, making up 34%!

Below are suggestions if you’re marketing your home, and ways to make it appeal to this demographic and what to know before making a big purchase.


Redfin Real Estate analyzed more than 7 million home sales over the past four years and divided the data into seasons, according to when the homes were first listed. They evaluated which season was best for listing a home according to two of the most common goals for sellers: Selling for more than the list price and going under contract within 30 days.

As conventional wisdom would predict, spring was the best time to list a home, but just barely. Spring offered the highest likelihood of selling above list price and of selling within 30 days. But here’s your next big surprise: Winter, the supposed slow season for real estate, was a close second!

Remember…buyers move for all different reasons during all times of the year (life-changing events can include: retirement, job relocation/change, addition to family).


  • De-clutter/De-personalize
  • Paint with fresh and neutral colors where possible
  • Remove wallpaper if it’s dated or not neutral


  • Make necessary updates
  • Exchanging older appliances for stainless steel
  • Replacing carpeting with hardwood floors (sometimes they are already there!)
  • Updating laminate counters with granite or other hard surface counters
  • Replace outdated light fixtures
  • Add outdoor living features
  • Move in ready!

Some sellers may not be able or willing to make updates. That’s always ok. However, they should consider pricing their home accordingly to compete for millennial buyers.




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