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#ICYMI: The Realtor Nation Podcast: Karen Marshall

DHREA 05/01/2018


Welcome to the debut episode of The Realtor Nation Podcast starring host Ian Hoover! In this episode, Ian welcomes Pittsburgh Power Player Karen Marshall!

Karen Marshall serves as the Operating Principal for both, Pittsburgh South and Peters Township Market Centers, Keller Williams Realty and Team Leader of The Karen Marshall Group. Karen is a respected real estate professional who has made a strong name for herself in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Karen possesses a unique ability to focus on the special needs and concerns of her clients; whether relocating, up or downsizing, or building new. Karen knows the area, the schools, and communities as well as the builders whose designs and ideas would match her customers to a “T”. Karen’s no-nonsense approach and warm personality sell her dedication and abilities far more than any statistic.

Each new client has slightly different needs and concerns. Karen’s flexibility allows her to hone in on the clients expectations, and fulfill them. Each and every real estate transaction requires commitment, energy, education, negotiating skills and a positive outlook. These skills have consistently placed Karen and “The Karen Marshall Group” as the top sales associates in listings and sales with over $600 million in career sales. Karen’s 29 years of experience in all aspects of real estate include land acquisitions, new construction, developer for a residential plan, certified luxury home specialist, commercial, industrial as well as investment.

Don’t miss this conversation between two real estate heavyweights!


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#TBT: Steelers Beat Raiders In “Ice Bowl” To Win 2nd AFC Championship

DHREA 04/01/2018

To some, the Steelers vs. Raiders rivalry during the 1970s is still the hardest hitting and most ruthless rivalry in all of sports history. Don’t believe me? Let’s dig a little deeper. Besides facing off in three straight AFC Championship games and meeting in five straight playoffs, these two teams caused rule changes, saw multiple last second finishes including The Immaculate Reception (also the Steelers’ first playoff win), lawsuits, bodyslams, clotheslines, potential criminal activity, and nearly everything else you’d expect to find in a defunct XFL football game. The Steelers and Ravens may be today’s “Clash of the Titans”, but back in the 1970s, time stood still when these two franchises came together for a gentleman’s duel.

On this date in 1976, our hometown Steelers bested the Pirates from the Bay Area 16-10 to win their second AFC Championship. While not as thrilling of an ending as the Immaculate Reception game, this game still ended with a dash of controversy, and a lot of cold weather. Known as one of the coldest games in Steeler history, and named “Greatest Game in Three Rivers Stadium History” on, the “Ice Bowl” brought snow, ice, wind, and sub zero temperatures players are still having nightmares about. The low scoring affair was riddled with turnovers from both teams, but the Steelers held strong when it mattered most. Steeler legend Mel Blount made a game saving stop on Raiders’ receiver Cliff Branch at the 15 yard line on the the final play of the game, ending Oakland’s drive and securing the Steelers’ second consecutive Super Bowl birth. Problem is…we haven’t gotten controversial yet.

In one of the most memorable games in the history of the Black and Gold, the most memorable moment of the game was marred with typical 1970s Raiders behavior. Steelers Hall of Fame wideout and Steel City favorite Lynn Swann left the game on a stretcher after a vicious hit to the back of the head by Raiders’ defensive back George Atkinson. Although the hit was legal at the time, Swann suffered a concussion and remained hospitalized for two days. Although Swann returned in time for the Super Bowl, and became the first wide receiver to win Super Bowl MVP, this was the catalyst to a lot of bad blood, name calling, and lawsuits. A circus of lawsuits.

After the Raiders seemingly targeted Swann in the opening game of the following season, Steelers head coach Chuck Noll called the Raiders and George Atkinson the “criminal element” of the league. This led to Atkinson suing coach Noll and the Steelers for defamation of character, and by now I think I’ve proven the aforementioned point of this rivalry being one of the most insane and intense in all of sports history.

Times have changed, and the rivalry between these two franchises has dwindled to nothing more than a memory of the past. But 42 years ago today, Pittsburghers far and wide were crying out for a safer NFL with rules in place to protect players, and the future of the player’s body and mind. How times have changed, indeed.



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The Deacon of Real Estate: 7 Things To Avoid When Investing In Real Estate

DHREA 04/01/2018

The Deacon of Real Estate “Alex Deacon” delivers his 7 things to avoid when investing in real estate.

In this episode, The Deacon explains how patience leads to success, why knowledge is the ultimate tool, and gives his take on partnerships, self reflection, being realistic with yourself, and much more.

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*UPDATE* Carroll Twp Home Under Contract!

DHREA 03/01/2018


Under Contract!

108 Route 837 in Carroll Twp is completely renovated and features a huge open floor plan, gourmet kitchen with custom cabinets and granite, oversized master suite with separate walk in closet, and master bathroom with a restored clawfoot tub. The property also has an additional room off the master would make a great nursery or office, central A/C and 5 garages!

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Make Your New Year’s Resolution Happen!

DHREA 03/01/2018

“New Year, new me!”

How many times have we heard that one, or delivered it ourselves? 2018 could be the year you want to lose weight, eat healthier, spend less money, or spend more time with your friends and family. All VERY achievable goals if you know the correct way to game plan.

Self-improvement, or at least the desire for it, is a shared American hobby. It’s why so many of us make New Year’s resolutions. But for all the good intentions, only a tiny fraction of us keep our resolutions; University of Scranton research suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals.

Why do so many people fail at goal-setting, and what are the secrets behind those who succeed? The explosion of studies into how the brain works has more experts attempting to explain the science behind why we make resolutions…and more relevantly, how we can keep them.


Many people use the New Year as an opportunity to make large bucket lists or attempt extreme makeovers, whether personal or professional.

That’s a nice aspiration, but the average person has so many competing priorities that this type of approach is doomed for failure. Essentially, shooting for the moon can be so psychologically daunting, you end up failing to launch in the first place. Slow and steady wins the race, and worthwhile goals are typically marathons.


Setting ambitious resolutions can be fun and inspiring, but the difficulty in achieving them means your elation can quickly give way to frustration. That’s why goals should be bounded by rational, achievable metrics. A resolution to lose some weight doesn’t give you a true path to success. Your results would benefit more by following a plan that says no potato chips, fries, or ice cream for six weeks.

Be specific. Don’t say you’re “going to start going to the gym” in 2018. Too vague. Set a clear ambition, like lifting weights or playing an organized sport every Tuesday and Thursday. Or Monday and Thursday. Anytime works, but the idea of simply scheduling the activity is important to your success.


Experts recommend charting your goals in some fashion, although there’s no universal strategy for success. For some, making a clear to-do list is enough of a reminder; others rely on “vision boards” or personal diaries.

An emerging tactic: share your goals with your friends and family. It’s another way to build accountability…especially in the Facebook/Twitter/InstaSocialSharingEverything era. In our increasingly public lives, social media can be used as a motivator.


To be clear: Simply setting a goal does raise your chances of achieving that goal, significantly.

But within weeks or months, people begin abandoning their resolutions as they hit bumps in the road that throw them off their stride. More often than not, people who fail to keep their resolutions blame their own lack of willpower. The solution to your resolution is usually more of a psychological challenge than a physical one! If you set your self up for success in the beginning, you better your odds for long-term success right out of the gate.

(If you missed it, our very own Alex Deacon discussed this very topic on the latest The Deacon of Real Estate Podcast!)



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The Deacon of Real Estate: The Power of Focus and Setting Goals

DHREA 02/01/2018



The Deacon of Real Estate “Alex Deacon” wants you to start 2018 with a fresh mindset. Or stated differently, Alex wants to give you a mindset refresher. Use whichever catchy phrase you prefer.

In this episode, The Deacon discusses the power of focus and setting attainable goals, and how you achieve those goals successfully. Never give up on making positive changes or setting lofty goals, as Alex explains how to ingrain success as way of life, and how to avoid making every goal a potential one-hit wonder…that flops.

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The Deacon Of Real Estate: Pros And Cons When Renting To Pet Owners

DHREA 28/12/2017


In this informative short, “The Deacon of Real Estate” Alex Deacon delivers the pros and cons to renting to lovable pet owners! We can all agree pets can be the most adorable addition to a family, but any landlord also understands the slight inconveniences when renting a property to a pet owner. So, the question remains, “is the juice worth the squeeze”? While the answer is always “personal preference”, The Deacon give his take on why it is a good or bad idea to rent to pet owners!

This audio short is presented by Deacon Hoover Real Estate Advisors. For all episdoes, full length informative broadcasts, and other questions, visit!


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