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Shovel Snow Safely

DHREA 31/01/2018

Snow is back in the forecast for the Western PA, which means show shoes and shovels are also back in the forecast for Western PA. We’re all about safety here at DHRE, and with winter rearing it’s ugly head once again, we thought this would be a good time to pass along a couple safety tips for when you’re shoveling snow!

Stay ahead of the snow.

Like with anything in life, the best advice is to stay ahead of the storm. To prevent snow and ice from adhering to the sidewalk or street, clear the snow every few inches instead of waiting for the snow to stop falling before you head outdoors. Getting rock salt to help melt icy and snowy areas is also a great tool, just be careful when using around animals. Many pets are VERY sensitive to rock salt.

Wear breathable layers.

Layering is typical cold winter weather advice. We suggest wearing layers of loose clothing so you can peal a layer off if you get hot. Avoid wearing heavy wools or other materials that don’t allow perspiration to evaporate. 

Footwear can be crucial.

You need to pay attention to what’s on your feet when heading outdoors to shovel snow. That’s just science. Wear quality outdoor winter wear such as waterproof boots with good traction. Good traction is critical to ensuring that you don’t slip and fall. In other words, this may not be the time for your favorite pair of traction-less, holey boots.

Stretch it out.

Enter laugh track here, but shoveling snow is a workout. Stretching helps warm up your muscles so they can tackle the cold weather, and helps avoid injury and fatigue. 

Push, don’t lift.

Work smart, not hard. If you push the snow to the side rather than trying to lift the snow, you exert less energy, thereby placing less stress on your body! This is also why it’s imperative to stay ahead of the storm, as mentioned earlier.

Drink water.

Take frequent breaks and stay hydrated. You should drink water as if you were enduring a tough workout at the gym or running five miles. 

Be aware of your surroundings.

Sometimes people get so focused on the task at hand, they don’t pay attention to their surroundings. When shoveling snow near streets, pay attention to traffic. Vehicles may not have good traction in the snow and ice, and drivers are usually more focused on the road and not losing that traction. In any snow situation, both pedestrians and drivers alike have a more limited line of sight. Be sure to stay alert at all times. Ultimately, you have to look out for yourself.

Keep your phone on you.

We’re not suggesting that you make calls and text while shoveling snow, but it is important to have your cell phone on you so you can make a call in event of an emergency. Seriously…put the phone away and live a little. 😉


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*ANNOUNCEMENT!* Alex Deacon Meetup Workshop In February!

DHREA 31/01/2018

Retire in 15 years with Real Estate Investments. Take action NOW!


The workshop will be revolving around the long term step by step plan to ensure retirement within 15 years through investing in real estate. We will cover some of the sort term strategies like flips and wholesaling most of our focus will be on the master plan to start today with long term buy and hold business plan and setting yourself up to ensure success not failure. Its a very simple and easy plan to implement but it does take time, patience and hard work.

We had a great workshop last month. We worked on setting our real estate goals, and how to approach goal setting as a daily practice. We had over 20 “Weather Warriors” who braved really bad snow and ice last month! This month is a MUST if you want to learn a retirement strategy and a plan to put it into motion! Please bring guests and feel free to ask questions. You can arrive as early as 9:30 and leave as late as 12:30 to network and speak with me and some other folks in the group. I look forward to seeing you there!


WhereThe Hampton Inn on 150 Old Pond Road in Bridgeville.

WhenSaturday, February 10th, 9:50am – 12:00pm

To sign up for The Deacon’s Meetup, or to simply find out more information, CLICK HERE!



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Be Lazy If You Want To Succeed!

DHREA 30/01/2018


In this episode, Alex Deacon uses his 25+ years of experience to explain how you need to be lazy to succeed! Sound backward? Tune in and find out what The Deacon is talking about!

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Alex Deacon’s Monday Morning QB: What Areas To Invest In Pittsburgh’s Hot Market

DHREA 29/01/2018

Every Monday we’ll be bringing you one of Alex Deacon’s fantastic blogs from his profile. (Give him a follow while you’re there!)

This week, “The Deacon” discusses which areas of Pittsburgh to invest in:

“One question or comment  I hear quite often from investors all over the world is Pittsburgh is the next high tech city, and the place to buy rental property. I do understand that there are some large companies that have moved some of their operations to Pittsburgh, but overall the population growth in Pittsburgh is stagnant (even declining). Allegheny county is also very low. I am seeing a spike in prices over the past 5 years in about 7 different areas of Pittsburgh. I try to focus on those areas but sometimes I feel its too late. I want to get there before the hype. I am trying to hone my skills to sniff out the next hot spot. Things I have been looking for is population growth, rise in sales prices, days on market, rental prices, economic development that may be coming to that area, or the perimeter of the area that could cause a higher than average appreciation.

My point is there is an oversupply of rentals, and overall I have seen rent prices fall in quite a few areas. Don’t get me wrong, I buy heavily in the Pittsburgh market, but its not as easy as you may think. I love the Pittsburgh market but you have to be smart, know your rent values, and buy low and sell high. It’s not rocket science, but some days I think it’s harder than rocket science.”




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#TBT: Muhammed Ali Debuts At The Civic Arena

DHREA 25/01/2018


The date was Jan. 24, 1963 and the fight was scheduled to go 10 rounds, but both boxers promised a knockout victory.

It was the first boxing match for the 17-month-old Civic Arena since Sugar Ray Robinson knocked out Wilf Greaves there in December 1961. Muhammad Ali (16-0), then known as Cassius Clay, was set to fight Charlie Powell (23-6-3), a former NFL player-turned-boxer who weighed in at 214 pounds and had knocked out his opponent in 17 of his 23 victories.

Although Powell expected to win, and let everyone know it, the former football player turned boxer wasn’t much competition for The Greatest of All Time. Clay knocked out Powell in the third round to a chorus of boos from the Steel City crowd. Clay’s response?

“I don’t care if I get booed,” a victorious Ali said. “They probably came to see me lose and I disappointed them. I did just what I said I was going to do. I’m making history.”

The win placed Clay at a perfect 17-0.




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Winterize In The Winter

DHREA 24/01/2018

There are two kinds of home winterization tips. The first variety often involves spending a load of money to upgrade your energy efficiency. While definitely worthwhile and timely, these fixes can still be very costly (think adding insulation, getting a new energy efficient furnace, energy efficient windows, etc.).

The other variety of home winterizing tips focus on the things that you can do on a weekend afternoon for very little money (or free) with a little bit of elbow grease. The cost savings of doing such work generally comes in the form of preventing costly fix-it repairs that come from neglect. Since the weather in the Steel City will probably fluctuate for the next 3 or 4 months, take advantage of one of the more temperate days we have coming and keep your home warm for the rest of winter!

Clean Out Your Gutters

Gutters that are dammed up with leaves can result in ice dams, which can lead to all kinds of costly outdoor repairs (damaged shingles, roof leaks, broken gutters, etc). Additionally, if your gutters are clogged up, water could be falling right next to your foundation and leads to possible flooding in the basement.

Drain Your External Faucets

Water that is sitting in pipes that lead to outside faucets can freeze and burst, ultimately flooding your basement and leading to possible water damage and mold problems. Simply close off the interior faucet valves by turning them clockwise all the way to the right. Then go outside and make sure that every last drop has come out of the faucet.


Search for drafts around windows and doors on a cold windy day. Place a tissue paper over the suspected draft area. If the paper flutters, you’ve probably located the draft. For drafts under doors, you may have to buy a rubber draft stopper to place at the bottom of the door.

Repair Your Shingles

If you have cracked, missing, or otherwise damaged shingles, have them replaced immediately so that you don’t get roof leaks. Strong winds, falling tree limbs, and sun weathering can all lead to damaged shingles. You might as well check them out while you’re up on your roof cleaning out your gutters.

Flush Your Hot Water Heater

You can flush a hot water heater any time of year, but you might as well throw it in with the other maintenance work you’ll be doing since you really only need to do it about once a year. If you don’t, sediment can build up at the bottom of your water heater and cause it to lose efficiency or even leak.

Simply take one of your water hoses and fasten it to the water faucet at the bottom of your water heater. Turn off the water heater so that you don’t get burned by hot water accidentally. Run the hose outdoors, preferably, but if you can’t do that, then a laundry tub should be sufficient. Open the valve and let the water drain out completely, rinsing out the sediment with it.


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Check Out “The Disaster Solutions Daily”

DHREA 24/01/2018

Yesterday we posted a blog with safety tips and precautions in high wind situations. The good folks at Disaster Solutions, LLC were kind enough to feature our blog! The Disaster Solutions Daily is an online magazine serving a fantastic collection of online blogs and articles that deliver everything from safety tips, to entertainment and tech news. It was an honor to be featured in the magazine, and really hope you guys check out all the great work they have posted.

You can find the latest issue featuring our article right….HERE!


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